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How to Choose the Right Teach Yourself Piano Website

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Have you ever watched a movie with a great soundtrack, been to a concert, or even just loaded up an MP3 and thought, “I wish I could do that?” Playing the piano is one of the those skills which people long to acquire in their lifetime, but with the high price of tutors and equipment, as well as the time it takes to visit a place to study, learning the piano comes with its barriers.

If you’d like to learn to play the piano, whether it’s just to have a sing-along, or because you’d like to serenade someone special, or even to join a musical group, don’t let that dream die! Teach Yourself Piano Websites are here to help you out.

A Teach Yourself Piano Website is an online resource for learning the piano or keyboard. You can access lessons, order resources and try special techniques to help develop your piano or keyboard skills from the comfort of your own home. 

Piano learning websites vary in terms of what they offer, but they’re all for people who wish to start learning or improve their keyboard skills. Beginners can find gentle introductions to playing, including playing by ear (which means you won’t need to learn how to read music) or more traditional forms. More advanced players can find tools to practice sophisticated piano skills, or access sheet music for a great range of songs. They can also gain access to backing tracks, allowing them to play along to their favorite tunes as though accompanied by a band.


How Do We Compare These Teach Yourself Piano Websites?

We’ve tried and tested some of the best keyboard and piano learning websites around today. Whether you want to study jazz piano, improve your notation skills, learn how to write songs or just want to tickle the ivories, there’s plenty to choose from, and a variety of budgets to suit most wallets.

We use a star ratings system to give a simple visual insight as to how each website performed, based on key criteria. You can then compare and contrast these ratings, seeking a site which suits your particular needs. You’ll be surprised at how many differences there can be, with some sites more suited to children, and others developed exclusively for adult beginners, intermediate or advanced players. The features and support available also varies, so it’s important to consider what you think you’ll need on your journey to musical mastery.

So, before you start flexing your fingers, take a quick look through our advice on how best to choose a Teach Yourself Keyboard and Piano website.


Teaching Effectiveness

Not everyone learns in the same way. Some people are visual learners, needing to see examples. Others prefer to hear instructions or music. Perhaps you’re someone who prefers to study through reading, or by watching a demonstration. We consider the range of learning techniques used by each piano learning site, and the effectiveness of their delivery. Videos and audio clips are all very well, but if the lessons or delivery are flawed, this might inhibit your ability to engage with a lesson. Look out for styles which suit your preferred ways of learning. If you like to play games, look for websites which provide software packages which incorporate challenges or game-style practices. If you prefer to go at a slow pace, re-watching and practicing over and over, look for a site which allows you to rewind and replay clips. 


Styles Covered

There are many different styles of piano playing. Jazz, for example, differs greatly from playing classical or pop music. They use different chords, scales, rhythms and philosophies. Some sites will offer you general tips which cover all sorts of styles and can merge between them, which can be really handy if you don’t know which one you prefer. If you have your heart set on a particular style, check for sites which offer that in abundance. Certain websites will offer DVD or download packages specially designed with a particular piano style or music genre in mind.


Formats Of Supplied Materials

This links quite closely to the effectiveness of teaching, but it really depends on your needs. Most sites will offer video lessons, either on DVD or to download. You might also find audio clips and songs made available. Perhaps you’d like to see tunes played out on a virtual keyboard, or diagrams of how to place your hands for a particular practice. If you’re a book learner, maybe you’d like to receive paper copies of teaching resources. This can be particularly important if you’re a teacher and need a variety of approaches and worksheets to use with your students. Some of the best sites combine a range of resources and materials in different formats, so choose one which suits what you’re looking for.


Overall Quality

As was the case in school, the quality of a lesson (and therefore your learning) depends on a number of things. Firstly, is the teacher any good and do you like their approach? Several sites we’ve reviewed will allow you to watch clips or entire lessons for free. If you don’t like someone’s approach, move on. Secondly, are the resources provided of good quality? This can be harder to assess, but if you can see sample notation, sample classes or additional notes from a tutor, this will give you some idea of whether the material is worth the money.



Playing piano or keyboard isn’t always easy. There may be times when you need help and support. This might come from a professional piano tutor, or maybe even students who are studying the same online course as you are. If you think you’d benefit from a guiding hand, seek out a website which offers community features and contact from a real tutor. You can also find websites which offer forums or links to other pages which might be of use. 


Ease Of Use

Ease of use includes navigating the site, finding materials and using them to practice. You don’t want to have to spend hours hunting down the appropriate lessons, or discovering half way through class that you’ve been using the wrong scales. Learning piano often involves playing songs along with backing tracks, or to notation, whilst watching a video. These need to be easy to find, use and implement. Avoid sites which are complex or poorly designed, as this will only hinder your progress.


Value For Money

As we mentioned, learning the piano is traditionally a fairly labour intensive and expensive task. We’ve tried to find websites which offer great value for money, whether it’s through offering superior support, great resources or effective learning techniques. You can locate lessons which are paid on a month-by-month basis with unlimited access during those periods, or opt for a one-off payment which will allow you to try, try and try again. Think about how much you can afford to spend, and whether the site you’re interested in can offer you something close to that.


The Bottom Line

Well, that’s the breakdown of our star ratings and some general tips to help you find your perfect Learn Piano Website. Don’t forget: practice makes perfect. Look forward to your first performance! Encore!