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Rocket Piano Review

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RocketPiano.com provides a great range of simple tools to help you learn to play piano. It’s suitable for a range of users, offering beginner to more advanced techniques and tips. It also comes with a variety of additional features and tools for free, including access to Songpod, where you can find and play a greater range of songs for up to 30 days, free.

Since this system is suitable for a range of abilities, it has a better shelf life than some other systems. You can start as an absolute beginner and work your way through the lessons, developing at your own pace. Alternatively, if you already know a little about playing the piano, you can skip to a point you’re comfortable with.

The whole package comes with a few tools which all users can find useful. For example, Jayde Musica Pro helps you to practice recognizing notes and other musical symbols, which is taken to the next level using KeyCellorator. The latter is better for advanced users, as keeping things simple will benefit anyone who is new to reading music.

Chordinator performs a similar function, helping you to identify chords but also allowing you to practice them until you’re fluent in moving across the keys with the proper hand positions. This is aided by the system’s use of diagrams, audio clips and videos. The lessons encompass a range of media to support your learning, so if you prefer to watch videos and listen to music, rather than reading, for example, you’ll find that it’s possible with RocketPiano.

If you’ve aspirations of becoming a song-writer, RocketPiano.com also offers a transcription trainer as part of its deal. This helps you to learn how to write music, transcribing the tunes you play so that you can play them again later.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in learning improvisation, jazz or blues playing, you can check out the Pentatonic and Blues scales offered, which can come in useful for a range of styles and genres. Whilst there’s some focus on gospel and hymn music (we’re not exactly sure why), Rocket Piano also offers enough musical variety that you should be able to transfer your skills onto other genres of music.

Trying out Rocket Piano is simple, since the site allows you to sign up for a few free trial lessons. There’s no obligation to buy the full package, either, and the site offers a 60 day money back guarantee on purchases.

You can choose from a downloadable version of RocketPiano, or pay more for the CDs and books to be sent in the post. Frankly, we prefer the download version as there are few benefits to having paper copies, unless you don’t have a printer and your piano isn’t anywhere near an electronic device which you could use. If this is the case, though, you probably won’t be able to make the most of RocketPiano, so having the books could be a big help.

This system might not have the glitz and glamour of some other Teach Yourself Piano websites, but it does the basics right. There’s also enough depth here to help you progress beyond a beginner level, and a few tools to help you train your general piano and music-reading skills. If the price is right, we recommend checking it out. 

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