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PlayPianoToday.com offers a full complement of piano lessons and songs to help you learn to play by ear. These lessons cover a variety of styles and techniques, improving your playing without requiring you to learn to read music. You can order DVD copies of lessons, or download them, paying a one-off fee rather than monthly membership prices.

Signing up is free, and anyone can view a number of basic lessons at no cost. These free lessons simply require you to sign up for the site's newsletter, including demonstrations, a free series of classes, finger exercises and information on upcoming materials being added to the site.

Play Piano Today encourages you to develop your creative side, with tips on song writing, chord voicing development and ear training. Lessons often take the form of videos, with top-down views of the keyboard so that you can easily see what is being played. In addition, professional piano players (often David Sprunger, the author and originator of the courses) are at the helm.

The system is not as interactive as some others, as there is no software which detects playing errors. This means you’ll need to have some ear for potential mistakes, otherwise you might keep making the same errors. However, since this system teaches you to play “by ear” (which means, without written music), you should be able to improve your sense of rhythm and pitch, making it easier to listen out for problems in your playing.

To gain access to the full range of lessons, a one-off payment is required. Prices vary depending on whether you want to download the collection or order DVDs. Downloading is much cheaper and quicker, so is recommended. As you also receive all of the same materials in digital format, there’s really nothing to lose.

User reviews are a testament to how well the rhythmic pattern system really works. Players who have struggled for years, suddenly find themselves able to play the piano using PlayPianoToday’s system. If you’ve had issues with reading music, we feel that this course will lend itself to you, since it avoids notation completely. That said, if you feel that reading music is an important skill, you won’t find that particular element on PlayPianoToday.com.

Rhythmic patterning works as follows: you start with a simple pattern, then use it to play a song. Then you learn another simple pattern, and combine it with the first one. Eventually, the patterns build until you’re able to play music using advanced techniques. All sorts of music can be played in this way, including rock, blues, jazz, gospel, country, folk and more.

PlayPianoToday.com also offers a 120 day guarantee, should you be dissatisfied with the program or your progress. At around $30 for the complete package, we feel that it offers excellent value for money, particularly considering the positive feedback offered by so many previous users.

If you want to learn to play piano quickly, without having to go through the process of learning notation, PlayPianoToday might be for you. Its system has found a great deal of success with regular people who have struggled to play piano in the past, and it’s an affordable (if somewhat low-tech) way of getting your piano keys tinkling. 

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