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PianoLessons.com is a free resource for learning piano. It includes video lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players, with bonus content for people who sign up to the newsletter. You can also find out about, and purchase, Nate Bosch’s Piano System, which helps you to play by ear.

The majority of this site is made up of a series of free lessons. They are completely free, with no hidden costs, and you don’t need to sign up to access them. You’ll find three columns: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, each offering a series of piano lessons.

Each lesson consists of a short video (around 5-8 minutes) with a professional piano player, who talks you through a little theory and then shows you how to perform the activity. These begin at the most basic level and include technique, theory, counting notes, songs, covers, scales, piano modes, solos and then a range of articles. Whilst these are very useful and most people will appreciate the effort the team have gone to, there are a limited number of lessons and you may find that you’ll complete the beginner lessons quite quickly (assuming you have any level of talent combined with practice).

It’s good that the site covers a range of topics, not simply asking you to play songs right from the start, however, we do think that more free lessons, particularly for beginners, would be useful. As such, we’re not completely convinced that using the site on its own will offer you all the skills you need to play the piano competently. 

PianoLessons is a really useful resource if you’re not sure whether the piano is for you. Its sample of lessons provides an insight into the skills you’re likely to need, with a few tracks to try it out for yourself. Music includes tunes by bands such as Coldplay, plus more general songs such as Happy Birthday. 

The website also promotes Nate Bosch’s Piano System, which is a series of training DVDs designed to help you learn how to play by ear. This will eliminate or bypass the need to read sheet music for some, although it has benefits for all players who wish to pick up songs more easily. This course is not free, and you will need to pay around $150 for the full set. Considering the various DVD packages you can find, some of which are more integrated into your keyboard, offering feedback on your playing, this price seems a little high. 

PianoLessons.com also provides a Pianist page, where you should be able to find links to band performances, famous piano solos and inspirational advice. However, this is not yet available, so we eagerly anticipate its completion. 

Whilst PianoLessons.com doesn’t have a great deal of content, and the lessons can be a little cheesy at times, they do a decent job of teaching you the basics. They really need much more content to compete with some of the big hitters in this market though, but as a supplementary website, running alongside a site with more to offer, or as a no-cost taster for absolute beginners, it’s definitely worth checking out. 

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