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Free Jazz Lessons Review

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FreeJazzLessons.com offers free online classes or premium upgrades to help you learn to play jazz piano. You can access various song and chord libraries, plus watch HD videos of Steve Nixon, who expertly explains key concepts and more advanced tips on playing jazz piano.

Basic membership is free and you can watch a select set of lessons online. The videos are high quality and well explained so that complete novices should be able to take something away. Some lessons are very practical and others are more theoretical, giving a complimentary all-round education in jazz and piano.

If you’ve reached the limits of the free resources, Free Jazz Lessons also offers special packages of DVDs or downloadable lessons to suit your particular needs. There are plenty to choose from, and you can find them based on specific genres or needs that you have. Prices vary, though streaming (rather than buying the DVDs) is a slightly cheaper option.

If you want to continue with a more advanced jazz piano education, the site provides a premium membership package, lasting from 1 month to a year. Longer contracts save you money and the year-long package also includes a free chords book. 

There are numerous advantages to upgrading to the premium member package, including being able to access the jazz songs library. This provides over 16 hours’ worth of HD videos, 3 full arrangements (at various levels to help you improve), hours of tunes to explore and an analysis of the harmonies in each song.

Premium members can also develop their basic piano skills using the chords library and jazz licks library, where they can learn relevant vocabulary and gain access to a private course question area, should they have any questions. 

Monthly updates are provided for paying members, including new songs, lessons and improvisation drills. These improv drills encompass a number of jazz philosophies and techniques to get your mind and fingers working in tune with the off-the-cuff nature of jazz performance. Professional jam tracks are also provided so you can practice your improvisation or regular piano skills.

FreeJazzLessons isn’t the most glamorous website and it doesn’t offer all the tools you’ll find elsewhere. However, it does provide some free jazz piano lessons and tips. Premium membership opens the doors to members who wish to develop beyond the very basics, with advice from a proficient and prolific jazz pianist at the helm.  

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