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Virtual Piano Review

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VirtualPiano.net is an online resource for playing tunes and improving your typing. It’s an online music player where your computer’s keyboard keys are converted into piano notes, therefore allowing you to play piano songs on your regular computer keyboard.

We had a lot of fun trying out various songs on VirtualPiano.net. You can locate them by difficulty level, artist, or by performing a search. You can find a great range of songs, many of which have been submitted by users. In fact, if you find that a song isn’t included in their catalog, you can type out the notes and share it with the community.

Virtual Piano isn’t really a tool for learning piano, as such. You don’t connect your piano to it, nor do you read genuine piano music, or even find out about piano techniques. Rather, it’s a tool which allow you to play songs and potentially to improve your typing accuracy. 

That might sound peculiar, but learning to look at a sheet of letters, then have your fingers react with the proper timing, does seem to improve your accuracy with identifying where letters are on a computer keyboard. As such, we think that this would work really well as a tool to help develop typing skills, as well as a bit of fun when it comes to playing your favorite tunes.

The virtual piano is pretty easy to use, since you just look at the music and type at the correct speed. However, there are levels of difficulty involved, so you could improve over time, plus you can work on your sense of rhythm and timing. At the moment, the music is separate from the piano, so you need two windows open. We feel the tool would work better if you could have the music appear on the same page, or even have your progress recorded on the piano as you press the correct keys.

Aside from finding songs and playing music, you can also watch videos of other members playing their favorite songs. Whilst they’re not literally playing a piano, there is certainly a degree of skill involved in playing songs using a regular computer keyboard.

Community features help you to share songs and information with other members, which is useful if you want to find out more about playing the actual piano. The site also lists a variety of links to other Teach Yourself Piano sites, plus there’s a list of piano teachers. If you are a piano teacher, you can upload your details to this list, hoping that students will get in touch.

In terms of actually learning to play the piano, VirtualPiano is pretty useless. You still get a buzz from it, though, and there are additional resources to help you if you wish to play the keyboard or piano for real. As a free tool to try out tunes, it’s not bad, but otherwise you’ll not be performing many concerts using Virtual Piano on its own.


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