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Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery Reviews

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Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery Review

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Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery is a personal service, providing a range of online video lessons and private feedback based on your playing. You can send progress videos to the online tutor, who will examine your playing and make recommendations on how to improve your technique, meaning that all feedback is tailored to your needs.

This system differs somewhat from others on the market, since it’s a combination of online resources and human feedback from a professional piano player and tutor. The site allows you to explore the curriculum, which is broken into four parts: Fundamentals, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. At the later stages, you can work on classical pieces of music, created by the masters.

Free lessons are available as samples, so you can find out if the delivery suits you. Upgrading to a paid membership means that you have unlimited access to all the lessons, of which there are hundreds. 

Lessons are primarily delivered through videos. This is particularly useful because you can slow down or loop parts of videos so that you can view segments in your own time and practice them over and over, without having to play around with computer buttons. 

Once you think you’ve nailed a piece of music, or if you’re having trouble with a lesson, you can email Christie Peery with a film of your performance. This video recording will then be analyzed and she’ll get back to you with advice on how to improve. This human level of interaction is really appealing to a lot of people because it’s something which can be lacking from other online Teach Yourself Piano sites.

As well as sending your videos for approval, you can also share them with the online community of students. They can also offer feedback and support, or just enjoy your playing. Of course, you can also view their performances and share your words of wisdom. 

A variety of other schools, including classical schools, are available through ArtistWorks.com, which hosts Christie Peery’s piano pages. You can also purchase gift certificates as presents for potential pianists within your friends and family. These could come in handy, as the courses aren’t cheap on a monthly basis, although you can find savings for longer term contracts.

Since Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery covers a variety of skill levels, we feel that it’s suitable for most players. However, the variety of styles is somewhat limited and you have to pay a monthly subscription to access all of the materials at any given time. The big difference here, though, is the 1 on 1 support you receive. If you think that you’d benefit from having expert advice and recommendations on how to improve your piano playing, this could be invaluable. 

Piano Lessons by Christie Peery combines home comfort and working at your own pace, with professionally developed lessons and support. Whilst it’s not cheap, if you’re the kind of person who needs a little spur of encouragement and inspiration, this could very well be the online course for you.  

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