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Piano For All Review

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PianoForAll.com is an interactive set of e-books, video lessons and audio clips which help you to learn a variety of piano styles. It’s designed to help beginners progress to an intermediate level, progressing your technique, reading and listening skills. 

This system is comprised of 9 e-books. However, they’re not just for reading; rather, the e-books contain links to audio and video clips. Therefore, as you read your lesson, you can simply click on a button to hear a particular song or snippet of music, then follow it for yourself. If you need a visual aid, the course contains 200 videos, or you can view images which show you hand positions, key orders and more.

Popular tracks from artists such as Elton John, Barry Mannilow, Coldplay and Norah Jones are available. This adds a relatively contemporary feel to the course, with songs which should please most players. These songs then develop into more difficult numbers and styles, such as blues, jazz, improvisation and complex melodies. 

In addition to learning through playing songs, you can also try to develop your reading skills and your ability to play by ear. Once the course is complete, you should have plenty of experience playing rhythm, rock and roll, advanced chords, ballad style, jazz, advanced blues and the classics. In addition, the final book in the series teaches you memory tricks which can be used as you further improve.

Since Piano For All only takes you from beginner to intermediate level, it’s not ideal for people who already consider themselves intermediate or advanced players. However, those players might still find its range of songs and tips for improving their technique useful.

You can download the PianoForAll.com system, or you can request a digital copy which comes with a DVD copy for an extra $10. It works on a wide variety of systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and more, making for a versatile package which you can use on a range of devices. This could be useful if you wish to read over lessons whilst not at your piano or keyboard.

A potential disadvantage of the PianoForAll course is that it does not provide feedback on your playing. You simply follow the guide, requesting additional help when you would like to hear an audio clip or view a video. This means that you can’t really identify the exact problem you’re having or the mistakes you’re making, which could be a disadvantage.

This course takes approximately 30 minutes practice per day, leaving you plenty of time to live your life. There is also a 60 day guarantee, which is probably going to be an extra incentive for anyone who is unsure whether the piano is really the instrument for them. There are no questions asked, and you even get to keep the course materials.

At around $40-$50 for the full course of 9 books, 200 videos and more than 500 sound files, Piano For All offers pretty good value for money. It’s not the most technologically advanced Teach Yourself Piano course around, and it doesn’t have the largest range of songs or additional features, but it seems to work and their 100% money back guarantee is quite hard to resist. 

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