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True-Piano-Lessons.com is a simple website designed to help with learning the basics of piano playing. It includes a series of lessons, information on how to play, scales, practice tips and more.

This site is developed for beginners, meaning it’s not so suitable for advanced players. At the same time, the videos and descriptions may be too complex for absolute beginners who have almost no knowledge of playing the piano. The best place to start is at the “how to play piano” section, which tells you about terminology such as “scales” and “chords”, giving you simple examples. Once you’ve got your head around those concepts, it’s time to take some lessons.

The online lessons are all free. They include descriptions with photos, or videos, with explanations of how to move your hands and control your fingers, plus a little on how to pace yourself and improve with simple exercises and practice. Unfortunately, a lot of these lessons are pretty dry, with a lot of reading and somewhat amateur hand drawn pictures on occasion.

Reading music is an important part of learning to play the piano. The site explains how to read music, but again this is quite dry and requires a lot of reading and examining sheets of notes. This would be better achieved with an interactive guide or game, which you can easily find elsewhere.

Practice and exercise tips are available, which could prove useful in helping you to develop your skills. The piano playing basics (including notes, scales, chords, cadences, signatures and burlesque) are also available, but suffer from the same problems as other areas. 

The big issue with True Piano Lessons is that it feels dated. It provides information but doesn’t take advantage of the interactive nature available through computer technology and the internet. If you’re a more traditional learner who enjoys reading books about these things, this won’t be so much of an issue. However, if you like to learn in a more innovative fashion, this site probably won’t do a great deal for you.

As a back-up resource with (somewhat basic, somewhat boring, but nevertheless, useful) beginner information for playing the piano, True-Piano-Lessons is a viable option. However, for most people, it will feel a bit lacklustre and dated. It has a stable head, but none of the extra features which would really help you to learn piano in the modern age. 

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