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Reviews of the Top 10 Teach Yourself Piano Websites of 2024

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Teach Yourself Piano Websites of 2024 (also known as Piano Learning Websites). Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each teach yourself piano website, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

Learn And Master Piano image
Learn And Master Piano is a comprehensive service, providing online support and a great package deal for learning to play piano. It includes video lessons on 20 DVDs, plus an additional 5 CDs of music to play along to. You can also use the lesson book to develop your abilities. All of these lesson materials are delivered to your door. This course begins with...

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Rocket Piano image
RocketPiano.com provides a great range of simple tools to help you learn to play piano. It’s suitable for a range of users, offering beginner to more advanced techniques and tips. It also comes with a variety of additional features and tools for free, including access to Songpod, where you can find and play a greater range of songs for up to 30 days, free....

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Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery image
Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery is a personal service, providing a range of online video lessons and private feedback based on your playing. You can send progress videos to the online tutor, who will examine your playing and make recommendations on how to improve your technique, meaning that all feedback is tailored to your needs. This system differs somewhat from others on...

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Play Piano Today image
PlayPianoToday.com offers a full complement of piano lessons and songs to help you learn to play by ear. These lessons cover a variety of styles and techniques, improving your playing without requiring you to learn to read music. You can order DVD copies of lessons, or download them, paying a one-off fee rather than monthly membership prices. Signing up is free, and anyone can...

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Hear And Play image
HearAndPlay.com provides a play-by-ear method of learning piano. Anyone can access their first four lessons for free, plus there’s a video explaining the play-by-ear strategy. The site also sells downloadable courses and learning software, offers information on where to find training centers and more.  When visiting Hear And Play, your first task is to sign up to receive access to four free piano lessons....

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Hoffman Academy image
HoffmanAcademy.com is a completely free online resource for learning piano. It contains 120 lessons, beginning at the very basics and slowly increasing in difficulty. It also provides practice schedules and techniques from one session to the next, providing a comprehensive, free service for anybody.  This system is probably best suited to beginners and intermediate players. It’s primarily designed with young people in mind, but...

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Online Pianist image
OnlinePianist.com helps you to learn to play your favorite piano songs. It has an easy-read interface which shows you when to play a note, and for how long. You can also change speeds, key, isolate portions of music and more.  Finding a song is easy; you can either perform a basic search or browse categories. These categories include pop, rock, classic, jazz, blues, new...

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Piano Marvel image
PianoMarvel.com helps you to learn piano, whilst also offering tools for piano teachers to support their students. You can create classes, work on basic or advanced techniques, access music and use your keyboard with an interactive digital system which tracks your playing, and suggests how you can improve. We were impressed by the systems on offer here, particularly since you can develop your own...

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Piano For All image
PianoForAll.com is an interactive set of e-books, video lessons and audio clips which help you to learn a variety of piano styles. It’s designed to help beginners progress to an intermediate level, progressing your technique, reading and listening skills.  This system is comprised of 9 e-books. However, they’re not just for reading; rather, the e-books contain links to audio and video clips. Therefore, as...

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PianoLessons.com image
PianoLessons.com is a free resource for learning piano. It includes video lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players, with bonus content for people who sign up to the newsletter. You can also find out about, and purchase, Nate Bosch’s Piano System, which helps you to play by ear. The majority of this site is made up of a series of free lessons. They are...

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Latest User Reviews

True-Piano-Lessons.com image
Good solid training
User Review of True-Piano-Lessons.com by Anne on 21 October 2022

I very much like the series because it is a good match for my learning style. I also enjoy the practice exercises he wrote (2 pieces per lesson) because they have had finger patterns that make me work my fingers... (Read the full review)

True-Piano-Lessons.com image
The Best
User Review of True-Piano-Lessons.com by Linda C on 31 December 2019

Think he is an excellent teacher and offers free lessons that would cost a person thousands of dollars in private lessons.. Very easy to follow and understand . Don't know what not to like about these lessons!!! Most consistent, step... (Read the full review)

Online Pianist image
Greedy people, scam, non Christians with no conscience
User Review of Online Pianist by Puzzlemisstress on 13 October 2017

I tried the FREE trial. I downloaded it to several devices in the hopes I could get this to work for me. Unfortunately you need to already own a piano to use this app. The last day of the trial... (Read the full review)

Hear and Play image
Money pit
User Review of Hear and Play by Not Again on 05 August 2017

Hear and Play offered a free trial period with a money back guarantee. My wife liked the lessons during the free period, but did not have the time to devote to properly use the services. She canceled before the free... (Read the full review)

Free Jazz Lessons image
My favorite jazz piano site
User Review of Free Jazz Lessons by Derrick Williams on 11 June 2017

I have been following FJL for a few years now. I'm a semi professional and was looking for lessons that went beyond just the basic stuff that most people teach. My experience so far has been very pleasant. I have... (Read the full review)

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