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Zebra Keys Review

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ZebraKeys.com is a free resource for learning the piano. It includes dozens of songs with sheet music, ear trainers, note and keyboard trainers, plus links to other websites where you can find further resources.

The great thing about Zebra Keys is that it’s free. You can browse all of the tools and information without even having to sign up, making it a quick and easy way to find basic information. Although it’s unlikely you could learn a great deal about playing the piano and improving your skills by using ZebraKeys.com on its own, it provides a useful back up resource to use in conjunction with another site.

In particular, the blank sheet music might come in useful for beginners who wish to print off and write on the documents. Wannabe song writers may also find the virtual keyboard useful, allowing them to tap out notes and hear how they sound, without the need for a keyboard. This is very simplistic though and you can only play one note at a time, so it’s not going to be more use beyond providing a basic tune.

The ear and note trainers might be more useful, however. If you’re interested in speeding up your notation reading or heightening your scale, chord or interval ear, there are little tools to help you achieve this. Again, they’re basic, and some kind of game or competitive element might be useful, but if you have the self motivation to keep at it, they could come in handy.

A further section worth checking out is the site’s selection of articles and links to other websites. These can provide further insight into basic and more advanced piano techniques.

The reviews section of Zebra Keys introduces you to a range of products, from DVDs to books and equipment. However, this is severely underdeveloped and there are only 10 reviews in total, for all four areas. In reality, you’d be better off looking on Amazon or a reviews forum.

This is an overarching issue with the site more generally: there’s just not enough on there. It feels a bit like an abandoned project, which could really have been a great resource if it had grown and continued. With community features, this could have blossomed into something great.

Well, at least the price is right. If you’re hoping to learn piano then you won’t be able to do so by using ZebraKeys exclusively. That said, it’s still worth checking out for the blank note sheets, the few songs it has and some of the advice or links that are provided. 

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