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Learn And Master Piano Review

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Learn And Master Piano is a comprehensive service, providing online support and a great package deal for learning to play piano. It includes video lessons on 20 DVDs, plus an additional 5 CDs of music to play along to. You can also use the lesson book to develop your abilities. All of these lesson materials are delivered to your door.

This course begins with the basics but quickly allows you to develop at your own pace, drawing your natural skill out. You will eventually learn more advanced techniques, but the step-by-step lessons provided mean that it never feels too difficult to attempt. If you’re ever stuck, you can retrace your lessons or contact one of two sources for assistance: other students, or piano tutors. 

LearnAndMasterPiano provides video, audio and a book to help support your learning. Instructions suit the level of the user, offering tips and exercises for a variety of learning methods. Whilst you watch the video, you can check resources in the textbook, then listen to the music and play along using the CD. This means that you’ll need a DVD player but if you have a computer or TV with DVD player in place then it’s easy to work through.

Watching lessons on DVD is really helpful because it allows you to see and hear what’s going on. You can identify finger movements and hand positions, pausing if you need to take a little more time to get things right. As such, it’s a little like having a very patient teacher in the room with you. The videos are also high quality, so you don’t need to be concerned about dodgy camera angles or poor lighting, which can sometimes be an issue if videos have been filmed less professionally.

Online support lasts for the duration of your experience using Learn and Master Piano. This can be a very useful resource because it means you can get help from professionals and people who have experienced similar problems to you. You can also share resources and links with other students, widening your potential online resources. A drawback to the LearnAndPlay.com system is that the vast majority of lesson materials are only provided via post, so you cannot download and use them instantly but, hopefully, the other online options overcome this barrier somewhat.

  The real difference with this system is that it’s been produced to a very high standard, by professionals who know what they’re doing.  

The real difference with this system is that it’s been produced to a very high standard, by professionals who know what they’re doing. You’re not left to your own devices, flipping through books you don’t understand. Each lesson has the relevant supporting materials which have been designed by piano specialists. The song choices also tie into your progress, meaning you’ll soon be able to join in playing some great tracks. Combining this with online support, you ought to feel very motivated to continue with lessons as you see yourself progress.

Another notable feature of this course is that you can track your progress online. Your unique profile keeps tabs on how far through the course you are, and you can keep notes on how you’re doing. Monitoring your progress is a really useful way of staying motivated and on target.

Jamming is another important part of the Learn and Master Piano ethos. You can change track speeds to suit your style and level, or practice improvisation along with pre-recorded tunes. An onscreen keyboard also shows you which keys to play, which is really useful if you get a bit confused. Using backing tracks is also very useful when it comes to preparing you to play with other musicians, as it helps you to identify when and how to play the piano, particularly in a group situation.

This isn’t the cheapest option around, but you get plenty of high quality resources to help you learn how to play the piano to a high standard. If this is your aim, we feel it’s worth spending a little extra. The site also offers a 3 part payment plan, and occasional sales if you need to spread the cost. 

If you are set on using a piano course which is all based online, Learn and Master Piano is probably not for you. However, if you prefer to receive the DVDs and CD’s, utilizing materials from an actual hard copy book which you can set on the piano, this system will be ideal. 

LearnAndMaster Piano takes you beyond the basics, developing your piano playing until you are happy with your level, encompassing more advanced skills as you progress. It makes learning fun, offering a strong variety of musical genres and options for playing along. 

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