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Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery Reviews

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Website: http://artistworks.com/piano-lessons-christie-peery

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Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery Costs & Features

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  • Sample lessons = free.
  • Full membership:
    • 1 month = $35.00 per month.
    • 3 months = $30.00 per month.
    • 12 months = $20.00 per month.


  • Piano: learn to play the piano with professional support.
  • Beginners: begin with the absolute basics.
  • Advanced: develop to an advanced level.
  • Classical: learn to play classical piano music.
  • Sample lessons: try lessons for free.
  • Video library: explore hundreds of video lessons.
  • Performances: watch pianists perform great pieces.
  • Interviews: watch and listen to exclusive interviews.
  • Notation: learn how to read and write music.
  • Backing tracks: access to tracks to support your playing.
  • Study materials: extra resources to aid your learning.
  • Submit videos: send your videos to Christie Peery.
  • Feedback: receive feedback on your playing.
  • Video exchange library: share your feedback and playing with other students.
  • Slow motion: watch videos of finger movements in slow motion.
  • Video looping: watch segments on repeat until you have mastered it.
  • Connect: talk to students from around the world.


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