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eMedia Piano And Keyboard Method Reviews

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Category: Teach Yourself Piano Websites (AKA Piano Learning Websites)
Website: http://www.emediamusic.com/keyboard-piano-lessons/beginner-piano-method.html

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eMedia Piano And Keyboard Method Costs & Features

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  • eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method (v3) = $59.99.


  • Learn keyboard: beginner piano lessons.
  • Download or CD: easily download the software or order 2 CD package.
  • Lessons: more than 300 lessons to try out.
  • Animated keyboard: see fingering for all lessons.
  • Chords: view chords, scales and full songs.
  • Feedback: receive automatic feedback on your playing.
  • Performance evaluation: highlights mistakes and provides a score.
  • Basics: teaches piano basics such as chords and scales.
  • Videos: over 70 videos to help with hand positioning and finger movement.
  • Split screen: view the teacher’s hands to compare techniques.
  • Audio: receive songs which can be slowed, looped and more.
  • Metronome: digital metronome to keep time.
  • Record: keep track of your progress and share your musical talent.
  • Songs: more than 100 from different genres.


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