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My favorite jazz piano site
11 June 2017
Reviewer: Derrick Williams from Cleveland

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I have been following FJL for a few years now. I'm a semi professional and was looking for lessons that went beyond just the basic stuff that most people teach. My experience so far has been very pleasant. I have been a member now for 7 months and have always found the content interesting. The few times i've written into support I've gotten responses within 3 or 4 hours. It makes me feel that they care about their students.

He sends lots of surprise bonuses that isn't mentioned on the advertising page. I've tried a few other sites but I have to say this one has been the most rewarding for me so far.

I wouldn't say there are any negatives per say. It's nice to be able to click a few buttons and study jazz piano late night because I work lots of hours.

In summary, I would recommend Free Jazz Lessons to a friend.

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