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Greedy people, scam, non Christians with no conscience
13 October 2017
Reviewer: Puzzlemisstress from Oregon, USA

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I tried the FREE trial. I downloaded it to several devices in the hopes I could get this to work for me. Unfortunately you need to already own a piano to use this app. The last day of the trial I had to work late and when I got home I just went to bed. The next morning I saw the notice they took my money. I immediately contacted them through email. They responded quickly with a "Will Not Refund letter".

So to review this app I would need to buy a piano first. Of course, even if I buy a piano I will not use their app now due to how they treat senior citizens. I do not recommend this app. I do recommend Yokee and several others.

In summary, I would not recommend Online Pianist to a friend.

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