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Good solid training
21 October 2022
Reviewer: Anne from NH, USA

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I very much like the series because it is a good match for my learning style. I also enjoy the practice exercises he wrote (2 pieces per lesson) because they have had finger patterns that make me work my fingers in a way I would not have otherwise. I have a tendency to have my fingers be in a 'home row' situation, as if they were on a typewriter, and his exercises really break you of that as they would need to if you are on your way to more complex pieces in which your fingers are constantly repositioning themselves as they go up and down the keyboard.

The exercises are also a bit more difficult than they look at first, because he puts in little twists like adding a pedal to a section in which you are rearranging our fingers in say a 4-5-1 pattern on 3 adjacent notes. And that really makes you slow down and be aware of how you are putting all those pieces together.

I especially liked the learning to read the notes section of the course, because that was about 6 weeks solid of making me practice identifying and remembering the names of the notes on the staff in daily drills that finally broke through my decades-old difficulty in picking out which notes went with which position on the staff. And now that I have that skill solidly down, I can pick through newer pieces with much more confidence.

I began with the 3-part beginner series, which took me about a year. Then I took a year off, and am slowly working through Intermediate level 1. The Fritz Spindler piece, placed at this level, which I would have crashed and burned on had I attempted it in earlier years, is really enjoyable to work through with his technique of right-hand, left-hand, both hands 3 perfect, coupled with the advice to just go slowly and don't feel rushed.

I don't really see a down side to this, not having had other lesson series as an adult. I just know it has worked for me very well so far. I do hope he gets to a level 3 intermediate, and hope he goes even beyond that.

In summary, I would recommend True-Piano-Lessons.com to a friend.

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